Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ukraine Marriage Relationship

I just went to pick up some Chinese food for dinner, and I wanted to share with you what I saw. You say you want to find a wife? This might help give you some ammunition to deal with a relationship with a Ukrainian girl when you do finally come here to find a wife. (I assure you that the Chinese food I just bought is nothing like what you might find in America.)

I was sitting on a chair just outside this little Chinese place waiting for my food. Across the street is a place called "The Book Market". It is an outdoor market where they sell mostly books and media such as films, electronics, etc. Of course, since it is Sunday late afternoon, it is closed. However, I looked across the street and this guy is walking up to a Ukrainian girl and yelling at her as she is walking. You say you want to find a wife? I quickly assessed that he knew this Ukrainian girl, and in fact, this was his significant other, his wife, his girlfriend, his fiance'.

His shoulders tilted back, his chest came out, his forehead tilted upward, and he was yelling at her, trying to exert his non-verbal authority. He really looked like a 9 year old on the play-ground trying to show another 9 year old that he was the strongest and the toughest. You say you really want to find a wife?

The Ukrainian girl did not back down at all of course and was obviously doing what Ukrainian girls in an argument do, raising her head, trying to be louder and more authoritative than her opponent. They yelled at each other for a couple of minutes, and then the guy stormed off to his beater $500 car parked next to the curb. He starts the car and presses on the gas for a long, long time. Of course, the car is roaring really loud, and out of the back is billowing black smoke because this car obviously has bad rings in the pistons and needs to have the engine repaired, but of course, this wonderful, functional family cannot afford such a repair.  You say you want to find a wife? Poor in mind, poor in spirit, poor in relationship, poor in wallet. Is it possible that it is all related??? You say you want to find a wife?

These people looked like a teenage brother and sister combination that hated each other. You say you want to find a wife? The only reason they had a relationship with each other was because they were related. This couple needs to be studied in my opinion. They need to be a study of WHAT NOT TO DO!!!

I was thinking about where this type of outburst happens in America. This type of outburst usually happens in the poor and/or dangerous neighborhoods and on an episode of Cops on tv. What does that tell you??? You say you want to find a wife?

I don't really and never have really spent that much time in those type of neighborhoods in America. But, in a middle class or upper middle class, or even in an affluent area in Southern California, people just discuss their problems. They don't feel the need to explode like a 9 year old child in order to try to express themselves. You say you want to find a wife?

Perhaps I am being too critical. But, I think that the incidence of this happening with your girl in Ukraine is higher than it is in America. I know that generally, I have spoken about girls taking over the role of the man in many American relationships, but the reality is that educated people, people who are interested in improving themselves usually don't need to communicate with their loved one this way. I think it is possible to just say that you have something you want to talk about, and then sit down and talk about it.

However, I know that for many girls in the Ukrainian culture, I am being unrealistic because this is the only way that they know how to communicate when they are upset. They yell, scream, cry, and of course, they criticize like the girl that stayed over my house the last two days. You say you want to find a wife?

I have stressed that many people are not aware of how their actions or words land in someone else's world. So, when I just listen attentively to an upset girlfriend, why isn't that enough??? Well, as I mentioned in my book, many Ukrainian girls want to know that you care enough to fight for them, so in the future, I will definitely break some plates in the kitchen and then storm out, hoping that this is enough to show my future Ukrainian girl that I love her and care enough about her to fight for her. )))

You say you want to find a wife 

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